Thursday, 29 November 2007

Talent Show 29th November 2007

The talent show is tonight, actually i think its started by now...
The Viva stall will be there, again, like the pamper night not selling any chocolate-for one reason or another. Having said that we are selling our freshly arrived fair/ethical christmas stock, which has a whole load of wonderful things like;
-Christmas Cards
-Advent calenders
-Christmas decorations (xmas tree decorations, candles etc)
You know the obvious stuff, and the left over soaps/cosmetics from the pamper night (there is a lot)
Hope it goes well, theres a raffle with a whole load of things in a handbag made of recycled newspapers.
Look out for the board i helped construct despite having no artistic expeirience, its quite beautiful and features a very fetching pair of "Pants to Poverty" underwear.

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